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NIS 2015.5.76 and Firefox 40

I was unable to respond to the 2015.5.76 Announcement Thread. Sorry if I am at the wrong place.

Okay - so after waiting - FOREVER - for Norton IS to be compatible with Firefox 41 ( I have still not updated to 41 ); I opened Firefox 40 this morning and was given the option to update to NIS 2015.5.76 and I unfortunately updated. Now, I cannot use my Vault while browsing in Firefox 40. This is beginning to get out-of-hand. I have been using Norton for nearly 15 years, but can promise you if Norton cannot make all of their products work with all of the Firefox versions ( yes - I know they can't seem to leave a good thing alone ) and I am forced to chose between FF and Norton - I will chose Firefox.

Heads Up - If you are still using Firefox 40 because you are waiting on Norton NIS to be compatible with FF 41 - Do Not Update Your Norton Plugin to 2015.5.76 - unless you want to jump through hoops every time you need to use the Vault.