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This forum thread needs a solution.

nis identity safe login

hello, i have NIS on 5 systems.

I have NIS on my pc and login to my identity safe as i have always done using my login on the pc, locally.

I have reformatted my partners and sons laptop and pc and re installed the NIS but the newest version, On this it is asking them to login to my account online to create an identity safe for their systems... why is this doing this and do i need to downgrade to a lower version to get it back to the way it was/is on mine?

many thanks for your help... anyone ;)



Re: nis identity safe login

Hi THCBluberry,

On Version 21.X.X, there is not a Local Vault available via the type of installation you did (reformat).  That version only offers the Online Vault.

With the Local Vault there was an option on the Identity Safe Settings Tab to Automatically open my vault when Windows starts:

With the Online Vault that Tab changes so that option is no longer available.  Norton says this is for security purposes:

Now it is possible to regain the Local Vault as you have in Version 19.  You can install version 19 and then do an "over the top install" of the upgrade to V 21.  This will retain the Local Vault.

If you decide to go this way, be sure to Export your Local Vault data in .csv format as this is the only format that is compatible with the older v 19 Identity Safe.  with the Export you can always Import the data back into the new Local Vault if it doesn't transfer with the install.

I know the Local Vault and the ability to auto log-in using it appeals to some folks, while others do not trust the passwords being stored in the cloud- however the above uninstalls, reinstalls would have to be done on each system to regain the Local Vault and I find that a lot of work to avoid having to log into the Norton Account prior to logging into the Online Vault.

Any additional questions, please ask.

<edit>  I just reread you post and I may have missed you point - are you asking why you need to sign into your Norton Account prior to initially creating the Online Vault?

If so the Online Vaults are tied to a Norton Account, while the Local Vault is tied to a Windows User Account.  That means that in order to have a separate and distinct Online Vault for your partner and each son, you would need a different Norton Account for each vault.  However, with the Local Vault, you would only need to set up the Vault under each of their different User names.


Re: nis identity safe login

Hello yank, many thanks for your response and explanation it is greatly appreciated.

Yes, i do not want to use the online vault, i wish to continue to use the local one and each user, (my partner, my son and daughter, and my mother), can all have their own identity safe logins on their own systems.

I think it would be best to revert back to the older version if ver21 will not do it, is there a link to download the ver19 anywhere?

Again, many thanks yank ;)


Re: nis identity safe login

You can go back to NIS 2012 by following these instructions.

Download the Norton Removal Tool from here www.norton.com/nrt

Download the NIS 2012 from http://buy-download.norton.com/downloads/2012/NISNAV/US/19.8/NIS-ESD-19-...

If you use Identity Safe, backup/export your data. Do this in CSV format
Uninstall your Norton product with Windows control panel.
Select the Second Option during removal - remove all settings etc.
Run the Norton Removal Tool.
Run the NIS 2012 download..
Run LiveUpdate (rebooting as requested) until LiveUpdate responds "no updates found".

If you use Identity Safe, try to log in. If it works you are done. If it does not, import your Identity Safe data.

Once all is well with NIS 2012, you can install V 21 over the top of the NIS 2012 install.

http://norton.com/latestnis - this link will give you v 21.5, you need to run LiveUpdate to get it back to V 21.6

Please let us know how things go.



Re: nis identity safe login

Excellent stuff yank, my thanks :D

i will let you know how it goes.

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