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NIS Identity safe ist "invisible"


as I restarted this morning (Win XP SP 3, Norton Internet Security 2012 - v19.7.0.9) I Noticed, that my NIS toolbar in Firefox 12.0 had gone...under "addons" in firefox both add-ons are still active. Plus, as I wanted to login into the forum, it filled out my login information (on every other site too).

So it's just gone invisible?!

How could this happen? One-click-support says, that everything is ok! Please help!



Accepted Solution

Re: NIS Identity safe ist "invisible"

Hi The_german_user

Let's try this to stat with:

In FF > View (from Menu Bar) > Toolbars > ensure there is a check in front of Norton Toolbar.


Re: NIS Identity safe ist "invisible"

OH MY GOD.....I must be blind, although I'm wearing already glasses..**bleep** :D

Thank you so much help me removing the tomatoes from my eyes. That comes, if you don't need these options normally. I really thought, my yesterday installed EMET 3.0 had screwed this up.



Re: NIS Identity safe ist "invisible"

Glad you got it sorted! 

My glasses are not always a rosey color either! 

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