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No Tracking Cookies Found Since Oct. 2016?

Hi All,

I have Norton Security (Deluxe) on two home desktop PC's both on W10 Creators Update Home Edition. One is my own and the other is my Son's who at moment is away at Uni. I sometimes go on his pc mainly just surfing the web or playing a few on line games just to keep the thing updated. The last few quick scans I did didn't reveal anything and thought it a bit strange as my pc always shows a dozen or so tracking cookies when using the same browsing habits as when using his computer. When I checked the history section for 'resolved security risks' the last tracking cookies found and deleted were at the end of October 2016?

Today I checked very carefully that his pc has the same settings as mine and all was the same. I then downloaded the latest 'NRNR' ran it and after a few live updates and two patches with computer re starts I ran a few quick scans and nothing was found. As I use mainly Google Chrome I went into the settings and cleaned out a whole list of 'tracking cookies' which Norton should have found? I'm really stumped as to what to try next.

Settings are; W10 Home Prem with Creators Update, GeForce GTX 960  2 Gb, i7 3.4 GHz proc, 8 Gb Ram, Norton Sec Deluxe V. 



Re: No Tracking Cookies Found Since Oct. 2016?

So Chrome isn't deleting cookies when you close it?

Norton has been 'iffy' with tracking cookies for quite a while now.  I know you shouldn't have to but you could download the free version of SUPER Anti-Spyware and / or CCleaner and let them deal with your cookies.

A little bit of knowledge is... well a little bit of knowledge.
Accepted Solution

Re: No Tracking Cookies Found Since Oct. 2016?

Hi Krusty,

Today I downloaded Super Anti Spyware on the pc concerned, updated it and decided before running any scans I would do a full system scan with Norton as I reinstalled to the newest version yesterday (V. and low and behold 19 tracking cookies were found! 

Don't know why it was playing up like this but there you go. I will leave it at that for now, so thanks for your input. Marked as solved.

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