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I have NOBU. I read the list of Norton products supported by Windows 10.NOBU did not appear to be one of them although there was something called Security and Backup. Is this true. I will soon start installation of windows 10 as an eligible windows 7 owner. What do I do with NOBU. Should I cancel my subscription. My download rate is 2 to 3 mbps and upload slower. I wonder if external drive is really the only effective backup because it is reasonably fast.





hi Sadday

Do you have Norton 360 currently installed on your computer if so can you let us know the version.

You can find the version number by clicking Help on the main Norton window then hovering over About.

With your upload speed any online back-up is going to take time depending on how much you are wishing to back-up it could be a consideration length of time.


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