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NOBU Fails to free storage when computer is removed

According to NOBU I'm out of space. To solve the problem I removed an entire computer, yet the amount of storage used remained. The logs are pretty much useless, so I don't have a clue what to do.

Does Norton ever release space, or does it keep trying to sell you subscriptions for additional space forever?  




Re: NOBU Fails to free storage when computer is removed

Hello geburton

That's not the case at all. The quota didn't get properly reset when the computer end point was removed. Contact support via www.norton.com/chat and request to have your quota reset. Alternatively you can send me a private message with your Norton email account and I can have it taken care of for you.


Re: NOBU Fails to free storage when computer is removed

It's been more than a week... I deleted every computer on the account to prove that the problem wasn't on my machine (but I don't that drastic action got me past the language barrier). I've been transferred from person to person to person (most of whom have the same name. "Supervisor" must be a common name in India. I filled out a form at the assistance of one of the Norton specialists, who assured me that would get the proper people working on the case.  It did not.  I tried to explain repeatedly that the problem could be resolved by resetting the storage quota. I don't think anyone I've spoken with yet understands those words.

In the latest communication from customer service, I was informed that customer service doesn't have the ability check the status of customer service issues. Surprise.  

I suspect my next communication will be from a guy named Peggy.

Anything that can be done to fix this account would be greatly appreciated. 

If that isn't possible I'll settle on a refund. Anything to get this over with. 

Thank you.


Re: NOBU Fails to free storage when computer is removed

Hi geburton,

Send me your Norton account details, specifically your email address, and i'll get the quota and the support issue researched. Please send these details via private message only.

Accepted Solution

Re: NOBU Fails to free storage when computer is removed

It took a couple of weeks, a few hours of online chat and a lot of patience... plus I will be trying to RE-BACKUP everything for the next week - but someone called me today. Once I got a human on the phone who understood the words "quota", "deleted" and "purged" they had the problem fixed in about 10 minutes. 

I think we were up against the English-as-a-second-language barrier and a issue-handling process that discourages people from solving problems and encourages them to pass the buck to the next person. I bet they are rewarded on how fast they can get a problem off their plate.

I asked if they had actually fixed the bug that caused the error. I was told that only the special super-secret data team knew this and they would not say.

Anyway, once we got someone on the phone with a reasonable grasp of English the fix was easy.

Thank You.

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