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NOBU icon vs. website

In my notification area, my NOBU icon will appear to be "unaware" that a backup is going on (as reflected on the website). In a normal backup, it will serve as a progress indicator and options such as "backup now" or "restore files" will be dimmed. Other times, however, the website will indicate that a backup is in progress, but the icon will not show any progress and will allow me to click "backup now" and all other file options. What is causing this? I have tried stopping and starting the NOBU service; I have canceled and restarted the backup process (from the web and the icon)...the only thing that works is a restart, which is very time consuming and not always an option.

I am running Windows 7 Premium, NOBU 2.0, and NIS 2011.



Re: NOBU icon vs. website


The NOBU service makes a ping basically to the back end servers about every 60-90 seconds to check if there are any pending jobs. There can be some instances where power management may kill that communication.

I'd suggest trying to first disable power management temporarily, let things run as normal and see how the system behaves from there. If it persists beyond that we'll likely need to work with you direct to do some additional troubleshooting of the matter.

I do strongly advise though to not cancel restore jobs once you start them. It will impede your ability to start another immediately till the last job cancels or completes.

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