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NOBU incredibly slow.

My Norton Online Backup is incredibly slow.

I had to reinstall it and have, so far, been unable to do an initial back up.

My connection is 'upto 60Mb' and I get just under 3Mb upload (see: http://www.speedtest.bbmax.co.uk/results.php?t=1400355058&v=22324979).

I also have been having trouble getting on to the NOBU website occasionally.

Is there maintenence being performed, or something else, that is causing this problem?

Is it an issue my end?

Is anyone else having this problem?



Re: NOBU incredibly slow.

Hmm... Ok...

Well, today, it's doing better.

Still not anywhere close to the near 3Mbps upload speed my connection is capable of, but...

It's now uploading at around 30-60KBps, where as yesterday it was struggling to even manage 1KBps!

So, fingers crossed, it looks like it was an issue server-side, but I'm not going to mark this as 'Solved' just yet...


Re: NOBU incredibly slow.

Hello Scorpion0x17,


The problem you are facing is that the servers are designed to handle multiple users at once the more users that are using the backup software at the same time the slower the connection at the server. This was designed this way so that everyone on the server can use the service with out the server crashing. 

Michael: Technical Account Manager NAM

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