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NOBU Trial - how much storage?

I just downloaded the trial version of NOBU...it says I have 5GB  storage but I thought you got 25?  Is this because it's the trial version?  Or does the 25GB of storage HAVE to be distributed among 5 different computers?  I only have one!





Re: NOBU Trial - how much storage?

Hello pheggerut,

Yes, the trial for Norton Online Backup is for 5 GB only. You can distribute that 5GB amongst up to five separate computers as you set them up. However you don't have to if you don't have more than one or have a need. 

If you decide you want to retain the service you can purchase 25 GB during the trial period and get the space immediately added to the account. The Buy Space option is available once you login to your Norton Online Backup account.

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