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Norton 22.8.1 - Hot Issues and Fixes

Since the release of Norton 22.8.1, some issues have been discovered that our engineering team is working to resolve. Below is a list of the Hot Issues that have been found for the latest Norton release. Below that are a list of issues that were occurring with Norton 22.8.1, but have since been resolved. These Hot Fixes are available by simply running LiveUpdate.

If you have comments or questions on the below items, you may wish to add them to the relevant threads that are linked at the end of each issue.



Resolved by Hotfix: Fixed an issue where Norton Firewall alerts “No Valid Digital Signature” for Windows store apps -  Announcement

Resolved by Hotfix: Fixed an issue where Norton Shopping Guarantee icon status shown as enabled when Norton Shopping Guarantee is disabled

Resolved by Hotfix: Fixed an issue where Norton Shopping Guarantee prompts to enable Norton Safe Search extension when it is already enabled in a different Google Chrome browser profile

Resolved by Firefox: Norton Toolbar extensions appears blank on Firefox 50, with Permanent Private Browsing enabled - Thread 1, Thread 2 (German)

Sunil_GA | Norton Forums Administrator | Symantec Corporation