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Norton, Windows 10 build 14393 shell hang

Since I updated yesterday (Norton updater requested a restart) I have had 2 occasions where the Windows shell hung.

First indication was when Chrome browser (Version 56.0.2924.87) stopped loading pages. I couldn't close the Chrome browser and noticed that I could not launch anything from the task bar. The Start menu did not respond either.  The windows button caused a message window to open telling me that the application was not responding (did not say which) and asking if I wanted to exit the program.  I clicked yes, the message disappeared and nothing happened. The spinning wait cursor appeared over the chrome window and over the task bar. I waited about 1 minute and tried to close the program again. Still no joy.  I repeated this a few more times assuming the more than one program was not responding. I still was not able to get a response from the Windows icon or Windows button.  It forced me to use the power button to do a hard shutdown.

The system came back up without complaint but I doubt that I will tolerate much more of this. I am certainly willing to work with you to determine whether Norton Security is the issue and investigate what is happening.

I have installed no new software and the system was working fine up until yesterday around the time I got a notice the Norton updater wanted me to reboot my system.

Addendum: It occurs to me that the Windows Mail App was active at the time as well. It too was not behaving normally.  I had to close it at one point because it wasn't syncing/opening the mail item for viewing.

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Accepted Solution

Re: Norton, Windows 10 build 14393 shell hang

Hi @RichardWinks

Could you please make sure you are running the latest Norton Client and let us know if the issue is still happening. 


Re: Norton, Windows 10 build 14393 shell hang

I have not seen this problem. (Shell crash) for some time.

I am currently running Norton EAP version

Chrome itself has been hanging recently. I cleared this up once or twice by clearing browser data. Today, new pages would not load from links on other pages or applications. I used the task manager to kill all Chrome tasks, among them the Norton Toolbar and Identity Safe extensions.  I am not saying that these were at fault, I am just relating information that may be of interest.


Re: Norton, Windows 10 build 14393 shell hang

Thanks for the update 

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