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Norton 22.9.3 Product Update made PC disappear from Network Folder

Two of my four Home network PCs have downloaded and installed the latest update (all Win 10 PCs) to NS. After rebooting the two PCs that updated my Laptop disappeared from its own Network Folder and the Network Folders on all the other PCs. In order to resolve the problem I had to use the NRT (Norton Removal Tool) remove and reinstall NS.

The only obvious difference between the two PCs that have updated so far is the Laptop has had the Win 10 Creators Update installed and the Desktop hasn't. My other two PCs that haven't updated Norton yet also have the Win10 Creators update installed. If either one or both have the same problem I'll update this thread.



Re: Norton 22.9.3 Product Update made PC disappear from Network Folder

I had the same issue on my "file server" PC. I tried running NRT and installing directly from Comcast again, but after the final update to the latest version, Auto-protect will not start and Norton is unable to fix it. I have tried multiple uninstall & reinstall, but the same results happen every time. All appears fine, until the final update to the latest program version ( and then I get an 3035, 6 error and Auto-protect never starts. I have reverted back to Microsoft Security Essentials for now, until Norton can fix this.

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