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Norton 360 backup

1. If I use Norton 360 (recent version) to backup my PC to an external drive, do existing files on the drive get deleted? lost?

2. If the above is true (i.e. files on the external drive are deleted) is there any way to recover them?



Re: Norton 360 backup

Hi Angdruk.

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If you put your backup on an external drive it works in the same way as any other windows file operation and should not overwrite existing files on that drive.  If you run out of space because of the files already there it is the backup that will fail, it will not overwrite them.

Why did you think it delete/lose files already there?


Re: Norton 360 backup

1. If you have enough space for the backup, it should work normally, otherwise you'll get a warning that you don't have enough space.

2. False. As stated above, you won't lose any files as long as you have enough space. It's not going to overwrite any existing data on your external drive.

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