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This forum thread needs a solution.

Norton 360 Backup file grows until disc is full

Hope this post is in the right place. This is my first visit to any forum and though I found links to other threads on the same issue, I didn't see anything that was helpful so hopefully my post will attract the right answer I am seeking. Apologies to all if I am doing this incorrectly.

 I am using Norton 360 Backup to automatically backup all my data to a 1TB HDD. The backup file initially is about 380GB but within about 8 weeks the 1TB disc is full.

My current backup started out at 384Gb on 23 Jan 2015 and is now 866GB on 6 March 2015. I may have added about 50 odd new photographs and a few Word Docs in the last few weeks but nothing more.

This backup includes all my data and my wife's. It includes music, photos documents etc, ie the usual 'day to day' stuff. Separately, and as additional security, I backup all my music to a smaller 350GB HDD and all my photos and videos to yet another smallish  340GB HDD, so there is some overlap of backed up data to several hard drives.

This is now very frustrating as the only way around this is to delete the backup file on the 1TB disc every 8 weeks or so and start over (and that takes hours by the way!!).

I also have a 3TB HDD to which I backup exactly the same data, but using Western Digital backup software and this does not grow at all, save for the addition of any new data that needs backing up.

I must add that this problem occurred before I added the 3TB disc and other backup software....... before anyone suggests the problem is due to a conflict in the two backup programs I am currently using.

The obvious solution I suppose is to ditch Norton 360 backup and use WD Smartware to backup all my data to both my large HDDs.

I would like a solution to this if anyone can help?



Re: Norton 360 Backup file grows until disc is full

Hi paulsteve.

Welcome to the Norton Community Forums.

Yes I think you have posted in exactly the right place.

And I also think that ..

The obvious solution I suppose is to ditch Norton 360 backup and use WD Smartware to backup all my data to both my large HDDs.

May well not be too far from the mark, though why do you want so many backups?  You seem to be choosing to copy/backup your data multiple times.  Does all this data need multiple backups?

Back to the issue of the N360 backup file growth.  In the past there has been an occasional issue where N360 backups have, for reasons I do not understand, run a second (or third, or fourth) full backup when you might have expected it to just do an incremental backup, and then stored the data along with the earlier backups, but only allow access to the latest backup....  This obviously leads to a considerable growth in the size of the backup file.  I have no idea why this action gets triggered and despite numerous attempts by me to capture the events so that Norton can analyse it, I have failed and now given up.  If it is happening frequently to you then you might like to try and capture a log that could be useful to Norton.

I would add that the reports of these problems seem to have been decreasing recently and when one of mine recently did a new full backup it did not save it along with the earlier one but replaced it, which was fine.  I am currently using NSBU and I cannot tell how different the backup software is between from N360.

What can you do.... well you could just use the WD software if you are happy with that.  The solution I adopted was to delete the over-large backup files and start again with a new backup, and a set up a duplicate backup set, which matched the first in all aspects except that I ran it alternately with the first set.  Then if either set showed signs of growing out of control I could delete that set and know that I was protected by the second set, until it ran again.

If you do choose to continue using N360 for backup do make sure that you have the latest version, that you have run live update until there is no more, and you might also like to go to "Help" and "Get support" as you have been having problems.  That may apply a fix, but if it does not I would not bother to follow the links any further as it will probably just send you here.     Finally, reboot your computer. 

I note that you use the automatic backup, I never liked that as I could never be sure what would be going on when it tried.  So I always chose the manual option and make sure that nothing was likely to clash with the backup and, that the power setting would not put the machine to sleep in the middle of things.

If you want any help in deleting the old backups or anything else just ask and I will help if I can.

I hope that helped.


Re: Norton 360 Backup file grows until disc is full

Thanks Andmike, for taking the time to reply. I will take on board your suggestion about manual backup and see how things move on from there.

FYI - the software is bang up to date, I only updated about 6 weeks ago, in fact it was done with the help of a Norton technician as at the time I was seeking help on this issue through 'on-line chat' whilst also querying the vastly inflated cost of upgrading!!!

Thanks again for your help.

I will update this post if manual updating helps.

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