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Norton 360 backups - view on different computer/phone

Recently configured backups to the cloud using the backup option in Norton 360. Backups ran and I can view them from the computer I backed them up on. I purchased another 10 GB as I backed up 6 GB.

How do I view them from another computer/device.
I went to https://nobu.backup.com/ and logged in using my norton ID - it knows that I bought and additional 10 Gb but all I see is 

My Devices

With nothing else listed and it says "0% of 16 GB used


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Re: Norton 360 backups - view on different computer/phone

Hello!! This should assist you in getting to the file on a different computer. You can then view and download whatever files you require.


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Re: Norton 360 backups - view on different computer/phone

Thanks for the response, but when I login to the Norton Online Backup website I do not see an option to add a computer. Only thing I see is that I have used "0% of 16 GB" with no devices and no place to add a device.
screen shot attached.

When I launch Norton 360 on my computer I see that my last backup was two hours ago. When I look at manage backup sets I see that I backed up 5.9 GB to secure cloud storage and that I have 16 GB of total storage.

When I click on Restore I can browse the files that were backed up and have tested removing a file from my computer and restoring it, so I know that the backups to the cloud work.

Accepted Solution

Re: Norton 360 backups - view on different computer/phone

The Norton Online Backup is a separate feature from the backup in your 360 product. That is why you do not see anything when you try to log in.

On any computer or phone, log into your Norton Account at   https://my.norton.com and then click on the Cloud Backup pillar. That will bring up the backup sets saved to your account. You can download files from there.

An added note here. 

Norton 360 is the older line of Norton products and it only had the 6 GB storage available. If you update to Norton Security Premium, you will get 25 GB of storage included. The two products are exactly the same, except for the name displayed on your product. And you may be able to find the newer Norton Security Premium less costly than renewing your older 360. Only the Premium version includes the backup feature.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: Norton 360 backups - view on different computer/phone


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