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This forum thread needs a solution.

Norton 360 Dropdowns Causing Firefox 34.05 to Crash

Have just set up a new HP Laptop and again having big problems with the Norton Toolbar (latest version Norton 360) causing Firefox 34.05 crash.   It takes anywhere from one hour to perhaps 3 hours for this to occur.  Up to that time the dropdowns including the choices of logins work fine.  Have tried restarting FF with a new pref file in FF, have tried unclicking Hardware Acceleration as well as changing a flash system file all suggested fixes found on the web and none work.  Have also reloaded FF yet still the problem consistently occurs. 

Somebody must have an idea or do I need to wait for a patch for Norton for the next FF versions????





Re: Norton 360 Dropdowns Causing Firefox 34.05 to Crash

Talked to Mozilla (Firefox) and they asked for the crash reports and based on the following had me run a scan for corrupt drivers which I did and the computer had no corrupt drivers so it is now clear that Norton is causing the crashes.  Following is the result of the crash report and hope this can be helpful in providing a fix for my issue or sending to Norton for them to take a look and come up with a fix.

The crash report flagged these programs;


ntdll.dll = Microsoft

SymHTML.dll = SymHTML Symantec Corporation

ccL120U.dll = Symantec

IPSEng32.dll = Symantec Intrusion Detection

IPSLdr32.dll = Symantec Intrusion Detection

coWPPlg.dll = Norton Confidential

coFFPl34.dll = Norton Identity Safe

coUICtlr.dll = Norton Identity Safe

Thanks in advance for help,


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