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Norton 360 v21.1.0.18 Identity Safe logout time


In past versions of 360 we were able to completely eliminate the closing of the Identity Safe. Now I rely on it so much and even with it set to wait 45 minutes it's still a problem. I have to have the option  of closing the vault turned off during a full Windows session. Closing on reboot is fine. Now can I achieve this?


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Re: Norton 360 v21.1.0.18 Identity Safe logout time

Hi devenulllore,

I hope I understand your question - you are seeking a way to leave the Identity Safe Vault Open for as long as you are on the system.  True?

Simply uncheck the  Close Vault after (how ever many) minutes of inactivity and SAVE.

FWIW, I use the "Ask for my paasword at the beginning of each login session."

I stayed logged into my Norton Account, thus when I boot up, i select Vaultis closed, enter my Online Safe password and I am good to go with my iD Safe the rest of the day - provided I do not shut down.  If I do then I need to reneter my password at the beginning of the session.  Yes, you will stay logged into the NortonAccount - even thru a reboot.

Hope that helps!.

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