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Norton and Globalization

Has anyone else experienced the following issue regarding the purchase and installation of Norton products? I have used Norton for many years and have never had issues like this previously.

I purchased a new HP Notebook from the Peter Jones department store in Sloane Square (part of the John Lewis group), London 6 weeks ago. I purchased Office and Norton Security at the same time, convinced that I had the "full package".

I installed the Norton Security onto my Notebook and everything was fine. 3 days ago I travelled to Bangkok. I decided to then install the Norton Security onto my laptop. Unfortunately, in these times of globalization, Norton does not allow products sold through even reputable retailers, to which Peter Jones can most certainly be counted, to be used outside of the geographical location in which they were purchased. In fact, when I spoke to the online support, I was offered a global upgrade for which I was expected to pay an additional amount.

Furthermore, I was informed that I should have purchased the product from Norton online, it would then have been valid worldwide.

Obviously there was some fine print I missed or of which I was not made aware. So whilst Norton can harp back to US patents and other countries, they restrict the distribution, resale and use to the European Union.

So, in this age of globalization, we are being restricted in our travels and movements by the license or purchase location of the software we use on our personal devices.

Not very satisfactory, as was the supposed online support.

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Re: Norton and Globalization

Yes. We have had many users run into what you found. If you install the product while you are in the same geographical location as you made the purchase, you should be OK. But as you found, you can run into trouble if you try to install the product in a different geographical location.

The only thing we really know is that there are legal and political reasons for the action. But we will probably never really know the details.

Your mention of the Global version, just sounds like the agent was going to sell you a new copy directly from Norton. 

One option you might look into is a refund of the original Norton purchase. You have 60 days to request a refund. Then maybe you can purchase that Global version.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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