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Norton and Malwarebytes

Hi! I have Norton security deluxe (for 5 devices) and today I've installed malwarebytes...automatically it gave me premium trial for 14 which I've canceled and now I have just Malwarebytes free version. Is that okay? Can norton security deluxe and malwarebytes run together? Actually I didn't want to keep malwarebytes in my PC but it found some "PUP.Optional." files which norton didn't find so I consider to keep malwarebytes. Also what will happen with all those files which malwarebytes put in quarantine if I uninstall malwarebytes?? I run windows 10.



Re: Norton and Malwarebytes

I happily run Malwarebytes pro & Norton so running the free version with Norton is no problem.

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Re: Norton and Malwarebytes

I too am running Malwarebytes Pro and NIS without any conflicts. Both have warned me of bad things and stopped them before any problems. The free version is good if you're willing to run scans weekly, monthly...whatever. Malwarebytes looks at things Norton doesn't. Not bad to have both.


Re: Norton and Malwarebytes


I have Norton Core Security Plus and the free version of Malwarebytes. I notice that sometimes while  doing a scan with withMalwarebytes, my mouse becomes frozen. I can't move the mouse and I end up  having to crash my computer to get the use of my mouse again.. This has happened with more than one free version of Malwlarebytles . I guess it doesn't like my wired Logitech gaming mouse. I have reinstalled the latest version of mouse driver and that hasn't helped., I never had this issue with the 2 version just with version 3 of it.. I guess it doesn't like my gaming mouse.

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Re: Norton and Malwarebytes


I had previously removed Malwarebytes and the PUP in quarantine did NOT come back.

This was a few years ago and do not think it should have changed.

I am currently using both on my system. Malwarebytes does hog resources so the mouse may be part of your system trying to keep up.You should have at least 8 megabytes of ram If not try to increases your swap file and if you have a second hard drive put it there unless your primary is an SSD or alternative.Hope this helps.

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Re: Norton and Malwarebytes


...Also what will happen with all those files which malwarebytes put in quarantine if I uninstall malwarebytes??

Hi sec52:

I haven't tested myself, but according to Firefox's post # 3 in the thread What happens to quarantined malware after Malwarebytes is completely uninstalled?, if you uninstall Malwarebytes (MB) from the Control Panel then quarantined files (modified and encrypted so they are inactive and rendered harmless) will remain on your hard drive in the quarantine folder and can be restored from quarantine if you reinstall the same MB product.

If you uninstall MB and want to ensure that all MB files (including log files, settings and quarantined malware) are wiped off your computer you can run the MB-Clean tool (mb-clean.exe) available <here>.
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