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This forum thread needs a solution.

Norton AV Refuses to Exclude Certain Files

Have been a Norton/Symantec user for more than 25 years, but I am very close to changing to a different security program.

Norton AV repeatedly quarantines certain executable progarms that I have patched using a trusted patching program. I have repeatedly tried to exclude these programs from scans, but sooner or later they are scanned and quarantined again. Restoring the quarantined programs has become exceedingly tiresome. While I have had excellent experience with Norton for security software, and for recovery from a couple of malware problems, I will have go to a different vendor unless you can supply a permanent solution. Caution: At this point, my patience is short and I do not wish to devote much of my time and effort helping you find a solution! If you can not supply a fix without involving me in significant diagnostic work, please say so and I will take my business elsewhere.

Wayne Ryback


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Re: Norton AV Refuses to Exclude Certain Files

Reads like you did Restore from Quarantine with Exclude.  
Perhaps, try Exclude from Auto-Protect.


Respectfully, what a user does regarding a Norton detection...is up to the user.

Restore an item from Quarantine

My Norton product alerts that the file I downloaded is not safe, and deletes it

My Norton product incorrectly alerts that a file is infected, or a program or website is suspicious

Add items to the Signature Exclusions

Turn off or turn on Download Intelligence

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