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Norton Backup

Hello everyone!
I had Norton 360 with the backup option but meanwhile I switched to Norton Deluxe which does not have this option. The backups are still visible in my Norton web account but I do not have access to them and I can not even delete them. Although I can not manage them at least I should be able to delete them because they are related to me and they are my property (or not !?) but I just can not delete my information for the simple fact that I do not have the old version of Norton which seems to me something that does not right. Does anyone know how to delete my account backups?

Thank you all


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Re: Norton Backup

 Hi Femapisa,

Thank you for writing to us, will be glad to help you with this. I understand that you wanted to access your Cloud storage, we automatically purge the Cloud storage in 90 days after the product expires. If it is  within 90 days you can access your Cloud storage even without the earlier product (N360 with backup). Please log in with your Norton account in the below link and Click the backup Tab, which will take you to your Cloud storage space where you can access it.




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