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Norton Backup: "Computer Not Online"

I've searched the Knowledge Base, and re=booted my computer (did not help), then re-installed Norton Online Backup.  The re-installed appeared to work (showed that my computer was online; but when I did a "Backup Now", I got an error message from MicroSoft (asking to send them an error report), then Norton Online Backup went in a continuous stae of looking for the "back up agent".

The first time I install the Online Backup, I did get it to do a "back up now" run.  But since then, no scheduled BU's have run and no "back up now"'s have run.

I have an up to date Window XP system, running Norton Anti-Virus and firewall; hopefully compatible with Norton Online Back Up.

Please advise next step, as I have exhausted solutions that I can find in the forum.  Thanks.



Re: Norton Backup: "Computer Not Online"

Hello Tomham

Based on the info given it sounds like your computer is losing its connection to the NOBU back-end. One of the basic items to check is ensure power management isn't putting your computer to sleep or hibernation mode. If it does it is likely cutting off the connection between your computer and the back end resulting in this issue. Also connecting to a corporate VPN may have the same effect.

If its the Windows firewall or Norton firewall it should work fine. Since it has worked, as in performing a backup, that would definitely indicate its not a firewall issue.

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