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This forum thread needs a solution.

Norton bothering me: quarantining/deleting/lagging

I have Norton Security version

I've installed Norton because I thought Norton was the best there is. But things just went downhill. Please read a short story of my life:

Just yesterday, I was downloading this big 16 GiB file from a source I 100% personally trust. And I was really happy after it finished downloading it because it took a huge chunk of my bandwidth for a long time and used up half the amount of network data I have per month (30 GiB per month). But as soon as I downloaded it and ran it with excitement, the file disappeared, and I got a desktop notification saying Norton is scanning the file. I took a short nap and came back right on time to see the scanning notification being replaced by one that said Norton removed my file. I clicked "More Options". Now Norton went non-responsive. But this happens often and I've gotten used to how slow Norton operates (this isn't my fault, I've done everything to make sure it doesn't do this plus ALL of my applications run smoothly, some take more memory than Norton) so it didn't bother me that much. I closed it, re-opened Norton, went to History, took another nap waiting for the 'activities' to load and located the entry at the top for Norton removing my file. I clicked it, clicked "More Options" and it gave me 2 options: "Remove from History" and "Exclude this program" along with "Threat Name: WS.Reputation.1" on top. Excluding it made sense so I did that. But it didn't seem to do anything. File was still missing, with no trace of it anywhere, and no option of restoring.

What I need is two things: 1. Norton to stop lagging so much, being smooth, doing stuff at least a little fast and NOT going non-responsive and also to stop taking incredibly high disk usage. I guess it's fine when it's performing scanning but not normally. And 2. Just simply a way of getting my file back. Internet data ain't free, y'know? Or someone to pay my ISP for 16 GiB of data. Either way.

I pay a lot for this service and I really want things to be smooth. Is that too much to ask? Please help me.