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This forum thread needs a solution.

Norton causes entry into Gmail field to be painfully slow

I'm running Win7, and in the Chrome browser, I go to Gmail and begin to type a new email message.

But after installing Norton Security, the computer is actually slower than my typing speed.  This is of course unacceptable.  Does anyone have a solution to this?


1.  Yes, I'm sure it is Norton.  (a) It wasn't a problem prior to installing Norton.  (b) It was a repeated symptom, for over a month before I finally got fed up with it.  (c) I have now uninstalled Norton, and it works fine once again.

2.  Prior to uninstall, I tried turning off EVERY option that I could find within Norton.  I disabled autoprotect.  I disabled firewall.  I disabled ALL the activities that Norton does on "idle".   But it didn't help.  (Or at least, it didn't help enough to remove the symptom.  Hard to say if it helped a tiny bit or not.)   However, as noted above, when I actually uninstalled Norton, then everything was fine again.  

Any ideas?



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Re: Norton causes entry into Gmail field to be painfully slow

Hi silly and welcome!

Yes, I do have an idea.  From what you describe, I don't believe it is the core Norton security program itself slowing your typing speed, but rather the browser extensions which Norton may have prompted you to install or enable.

Unfortunately, it has been my experience (over the past few years) that the Norton browser extensions slow the overall performance of all three browsers, IE, FF and Chrome. In the type of work that I do, I need to quickly read through quite a volume of online material and the Norton extensions were slowing my work considerably.

I still have the utmost confidence in Norton as a security suite, and although the browsers extensions may add an extra layer of protection or convenience, the trade off in browser responsiveness was just too great.

If you would still like to use Norton as your security program, I highly recommend that you do so as I think it to be one of the best on the market.  However, I would try removing/disabling any Norton browsers extensions and see what the results are then.

Please let us know how you do.

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Re: Norton causes entry into Gmail field to be painfully slow

To reiterate what the above poster typed, please try it without the "Norton Identity Safe" extension. It's a password manager program with a function that autofills any fields that can be typed in. It is the most likely culprit for slowdowns like this.

For Chrome, go to chrome://extensions/ to remove/disable extensions.


Re: Norton causes entry into Gmail field to be painfully slow

Thanks to both of you, Phil_D and Ohforf.   It gives me some reason for hope.

I have reinstalled it and am testing it out.  

As far as selecting options for install -- the reinstall didn't provide one single option of any kind.  Presumably this is because when I uninstalled, I told it to leave my settings in place.  So, presumably, I now have the same options that I had originally installed.  [I don't recall what options were presented nor what I selected, for the original install.]

There is indeed one Chrome extension installed:  "Norton Security Toolbar".   However, it is turned off.   [And I think I would have disabled it from the beginning, in the original installation.  Anything with "toolbar" in the name is anathema to me.]   I'm therefore not sure that this extension will turn out to be the reason for the slowness.

In any case, I'll try it and see how it goes.

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