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Norton Chrome interaction solved

Fresh install of Norton Antivirus Basic tries to invisibly install an extension to the Chrome taskbar. By invisibly, I mean while Chrome is installed and alive, but I am not browsing right now so nothing appears on my screen.  Chrome then tries to ask for my permission, and waits for a response to the non-displayed message. Since I am not browsing, I don't see the message, and can't respond. But Norton is waiting for Chrome, which is waiting for me. This hangs Norton. Windows then says "Norton Internet Security has stopped working". The posted fix on Norton is to install the removal tool, and reinstall Norton. That is nonsense and has no effect, no matter how many times I do it or how many times I reboot. Just running Chrome and saying that I don't want the Norton taskbar fixes everything.  Possibly saying I do want the Norton taskbar fixes it too - I haven't tried. 



Re: Norton Chrome interaction solved

Mike Being that you are on Windows 10, ensure three things are taking place. 1-You are logging into Windows under an Admin account. 2-Disable "fast boot" in your power settings, here is how to do that in case you aren't familiar with it: https://community.norton.com/en/forums/windows-881-or-10-and-fast-start-feature-0

3-Ensure Chrome is set as your default browser in Windows settings.

Here is the official announcement concerning the latest extension for Chrome in the new product release: https://community.norton.com/en/blogs/product-update-announcements/norton-identity-safe-52%C2%A0extension-update-google-chrome


"From DOS to Windows10 what a journey it has been" / MS Certified Professional / Windows 10 Home / Professional x 64 version 1903 / build 18362.239 / N360 Deluxe / Norton Core v.282 on Android 2.00

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