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Norton Commander disabled after Windows 10 update

A couple of days ago I noticed Windows 10 (64bits) did an update. I noticed now the icon for Norton Commander in the taskbar was replaced by Windows Defender. If I start Norton Commander from the start menu it does nothing for any action I choose. There is a Norton Security Task in the Task Manager which I cannot end. How can I disable Windows Defender and return to Norton Commander?




Re: Norton Commander disabled after Windows 10 update

Hello aleu. When you state "Norton Commander" I have to ask if you are actually referring to the old DOS based program of the early windows days? The Windows Defender notification in your system tray cannot be "disabled" but can be prevented from appearing there. Open your task manager, ctrl+atl+del then open the "startup" tab. Disable the icon notification for Windows Defender and reboot.


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Re: Norton Commander disabled after Windows 10 update


Is this what you mean?


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