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Norton compatibility with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update - FAQs

Microsoft has released a Windows 10 Anniversary update that contains changes to the interactions between Windows Defender and Norton. These changes can be confusing, and will open up questions and concerns about your system security. However, the latest version of Norton products are fully compatible with Windows 10 Anniversary update. Below are some answers to those questions. If you have additional questions that aren't covered by the below FAQs, please post them to our Norton Security forum.


- I received this message from Windows Defender. What do I do?
After you upgrade your computer to the latest version of Windows 10, this message may be displayed if you do not have the latest version of the Norton product. Click "Update" and follow the prompts to get the latest version of Norton installed on your system. See more detailed steps on the update process

- Why should I choose Norton over Windows Defender?
With our decades of research and security expertise, our proactive protection of every aspect of your computing activities in real time, and our dedicated rescue tools and resources to help you in case your computer becomes infected, Norton is the best choice for all your devices. Read about why Norton is the best option

- Windows Defender's Limited Periodic Scanner has been turned on. What should I do for the best security and experience?
We do not recommend enabling Windows Defender's Limited Periodic Scanning feature on a Windows 10 system running Norton. Limited Periodic Scanning is redundant and will require unnecessary additional power consumption and may result in conflicting notifications and messaging. Learn how to disable Limited Periodic Scanning

- With this Anniversary update, is the Norton Toolbar compatible with Microsoft Edge?
Based on information Microsoft has provided to date, several browser-based protection and identity features that are provided in Norton products are not compatible with Edge, including Identity Safe, Norton Toolbar, Safe Search, Safe Web, Antiphishing, and Scam Insight. Microsoft has indicated that it will continue to improve Edge and will allow more browser extensions in the near future. Learn more about Norton compatibility with Microsoft Edge browser

Tony Weiss | Norton Forums Global Community Manager | Symantec Corporation