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Norton customer support hell

Let me tell you about my on-going nightmare experience in Norton ‘customer service’ hell.


I had a security problem in April that needed correcting. I worked with Norton technicians to resolve the problems. Doing that required two separate sessions with two different technicians. Now I am disputing a charge with the credit card company. Doing that will require providing them with the transcripts from those two sessions. I contacted Norton and chatted on Saturday (5/19) with an individual in threat removal support, who very quickly sent the transcript from one of the sessions to my email. It took about ten minutes. But I only got the one transcript, thinking that was all I needed. On Monday I realized I needed the other transcript as well. I went onto the threat removal chat again and got into an hours-long back and forth with a technician (Raymond Crockett – avoid at all costs) who refused to simply send along the transcript as the other technician had done. Apparently, this is not just Mr. Crockett. I got the impression that his actions were endorsed by supervisors/manager who have decided - for some incomprehensible reason – to take a simple ten minute task and turn it into a ‘process’ that takes some uncertain length of time. He also refused to provide any contact information so I could proceed to seek a resolution and get the required support.


So now I’m stuck with no way to get to my transcript, and Norton ‘customer support’ actively trying to place as many barricades as possible between the customer and the support.


One word: McAfee



Re: Norton customer support hell

I'm sorry to hear about your hassle, but, can assure you that McAfee is NOT the way to go. 



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Re: Norton customer support hell

Try support chat again. As one agent was able to help you, another may also see fit to help. Sometimes you just need to get the right agent to be able to get the help you need.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: Norton customer support hell

Hello Mouse

Are you sure that you contacted the real Norton Customer Support. Please  try this link with a choice between phone or computer chat in most locations.


Have a Nice Day and


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