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norton delux freezes up XP desktop - Norton chat Not helpfull!

Connecting... System:  Your reference number for this chat session is xxxxxxx CB:  Initial Question/Comment: Please call xxxxxxxxxx I just purchased and inatalled Norton Security Delux on my old XP computer. Bought key from Amazon and per description, it supported Windows XP. Totallt locls up. Frist time wad during tutorial and checking for subscription status System:  Welcome to Norton Support! A Norton Representative will be with you shortly. System:  You are being routed to a Customer Representative... System:  Estimated wait time is 0 hours 0 minutes 8 seconds System:  Estimated wait time is 0 hours 0 minutes 18 seconds System:  S has joined this session! System:  Connected with S:  Certainly, I will help you with that. S:  This is your case Id xxxxxxxx; please retain this for future references. S:  I am reading through your case details. In the meantime, could you please confirm your active email address and telephone number? CB:  Please send that case id to my email address... ty CB:xxxxxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxx S:  Thank you for providing the information. S:  Are you chatting with me from the computer that has the issue? CB:  Using a samsung tab 2 to chat with you. S:  Are you able to access that device on which you want to install? CB:  The download, initial start, auto reboot, final lnstalled all went ok CB:  That pc was rebooted while we chatted... open now but think it will freeze up when I clink norton icon S:  Okay, In that case I request you to contact us back from the PC and we will check your issue. CB:  Vdo what?? S:  C, you need to contact from the PC which has issue and we will check it for you. Charles Batchelor:  How cani CB:  How can I do that if it freezes up S:  We will take a remote control of your device and then we will check your issue. S:  Please first restart the PC and then contact us back. CB:  These Hard reboots (5th) are noot good CB:  Please check the product key I was sent JP6xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  CB:  Pc is starting up now S:  I have checked that and it is not yet activated. CB:  Ok.... hmmm so why not?? S:  This issue can be caused due to unfinished or partially installed Norton updates, outdated display drivers, connectivity barrier between Norton product and Internet or any third party product blocking Norton services. CB:  Sowhen I was asked to indert product key.. Why did I not get an invalid product key error from your application? CB:  I have had K running last 2 years. With all the Russian hacking, I was not comfortable on the renewal. S:  Your product is perfect. CB:  Cthat is the understatement of the year since itdoesnt work. S:  C, the issue can be because of Internet connectivity during the product activation. S:  You can try again now. CB:  The issue is not ATT. Reboted again and still locked up. Please have a manager call me as I will now have to take the desktop to a specialist to get this uninstalled. And I will expect full reinbursement! CB:  Rebooting again S:  May I know the service pack of your windows XP? Charles Batchelor:  Terer is a startup error on BackWeb client that cant be accessed S:  C, in this case you need to contact Microsoft as this issue is not related to Norton and we will not expertise in this matter. S:  Is there anything else I can assist you with?

. System:  The session has ended! 

I would think that any "good" software would during the install process check for all incompatable issues.   I would also think any good company would not leave the customer in the dark.


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Re: norton delux freezes up XP desktop - Norton chat Not helpfull!

XP is outdated and unsupported officially by Microsoft. Being that you are running XP your system specs are probably very old also. Did you fully uninstall Kaspersky before installing Norton Security? There are several things that could have caused this issue. 


Re: norton delux freezes up XP desktop - Norton chat Not helpfull!


You mentioned that you had run Kaspersky previously. Did you remove Kaspersky with their removal tool and reboot your computer? Then run the Norton removal tool and reboot. I am asking you to remove Norton so that you can get a clean install. After it is installed, please run Live Update until it says there are no more updates, reboot when asked to. You should end up with version


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Re: norton delux freezes up XP desktop - Norton chat Not helpfull!

Hi flgator,

could you please also share us with extra info re your computer hardware? CPU, RAM?

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