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Norton Firefox Cleanup

Have you guys seen ever in Recent History about Norton being cleanup Firefox as mention in Administrative Settings? I don't think so, Norton team kindly fix this.

Ranjan Kumar


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Re: Norton Firefox Cleanup

Hi Ranjan313:

S Malik recently suggested in Administrative Settings - Firefox Cleanup that the Firefox Cleanup settings should be moved to Settings | Tasking Scheduling | Automated Tasks where the IE and Chrome cleaning tasks are located.  I don't think you'll see anything about a Firefox cleanup logged in your Norton history until that change is made.

SendOfJive's posted an explanation in rene.fennet's thread Setup, Firefox Cleanup permanently removes a LOT more then only Firefox Temporary Files !! of how the browser cleaning settings in Firefox (Tools | Options | Privacy | History) and Norton (Settings | Administrative Settings | Firefox Cleanup) are linked together.  My understanding is that Norton doesn't actually schedule a clean up of Firefox - Norton's Firefox Cleanup settings only enable/disable settings in Firefox that determine whether your temporary internet files (cache) and browsing history will be cleaned on exit when you close your browser.

My own Firefox Cleanup settings are always greyed out in Norton .  I was told that's because I've customized my Firefox browser history cleanup in Firefox at Tools | Options | Privacy | History and that custom settings in Firefox will always take precedence over the Norton settings at Settings | Administrative Settings | Firefox Cleanup.  However, other Win XP and Vista users have reported that their Firefox Cleanup settings are also greyed out and have never worked correctly in their Firefox ESR v52 browser - see my test results in Earthnet's thread Administrative Settings Issue in Windows XP3 Port of NIS for further details.

In my opinion, these Firefox Cleanup settings in Norton are unnecessary bloat and I don't know why they were ever added to Norton in the first place.  Users can configure their Firefox browser history cleaning in Firefox at Tools | Options | Privacy | History and don't need to use Norton to change these settings.
32-bit Vista Home Premium SP2 * Firefox ESR v52.9.0 * Norton Security Deluxe v22.15.1.8

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