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Norton ID Safe - Data Retreive


I'm wondering whether there is any way to retrieve data from Norton Identity Safe. When using it from my iPhone I received a pop up screen to create an account from which I thought would enable me to access my passwords from my PC and laptop aswell. When creating this, I used my same email iCloud email address and after updating my details and creating a new password, I found that it instead created a new account using the same email address and over rid my old data. Is there any way to retrieve my old passwords or restore my previous account settings?

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Re: Norton ID Safe - Data Retreive


If you want to retieve your data like logins/passwords stored in your vault,you can find a backup in the below location

 %userprofile%\Documents\Norton Identity Safe Backups\

Go to IDsafe Settings->Import/Export and import the the *.dat file  to retrieve your data



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