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This forum thread needs a solution.

Norton Identity Safe with Firefox 40.0.3

It seems that I took a Norton 360 update - 2015.5.2.24 on 21 September.

Since then The Identity Safe (OnLine version) will not open - log-in times out. Running Windows 7/Firefox 40.0.3

Help needed.

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Re: Norton Identity Safe with Firefox 40.0.3

Similar problem - Identity Safe wants me to sign on to my Norton account.  I do.  Then it just comes back to the same screen wanting me to log on to my Norton account again.  Windows Vista, 64-bit.


Re: Norton Identity Safe with Firefox 40.0.3

Further to my first note -

As well as happening on my desktop -windows 7/Firefox . . . . . it is also happening on my laptop - Vista/Firefox.

The sign on for the Identity Safe very quickly identifies if the password is invalid - giving an "Invalid Password" message - so this problem is only occurring when the password is actually valid - see the attached file with the resulting error message.

Have tried several times going through the process of . . . live update of Norton . . . pc reboot . . . new version of Firefox  . . . - all attempts arrive at the same rejected result.

Does any Norton staff monitor this site - should I be taking this problem somewhere else?

Both desktop and laptop were working fine with regard to Identity Safe last week.

File Attachment: 

Re: Norton Identity Safe with Firefox 40.0.3

Are you positive you are still on FF 40.0.3?  Have you been auto updated to FF 41?



Re: Norton Identity Safe with Firefox 40.0.3

Confirmation that I am still on Firefox 40.0.3. and still have the problem.

Having read the post about Firefox 41 I shall not move to Firefox 41 until Norton is ready.


Re: Norton Identity Safe with Firefox 40.0.3

Just to be clear - this problem is concerned with the On-Line Vault - not the local pc based Identity Vault.

The behaviour of the problem - taking several minutes to reach the time-out condition is like it is using the wrong address to connect with the On-Line Vault system . . . and only started, it seems, after a 360 update - 2015.5.2.24 on 21 September.

Can this be reversed out? Can I revert back to a local Identity Safe?


Re: Norton Identity Safe with Firefox 40.0.3

Hi @millas, @jcpratt20300

Thanks for reporting this issue.

Could you please try the below steps and lets me know if you are still getting the vault login issue.

1. First check if you are able to login Identity Safe onlin vault from the Norton Identity Safe portal: https://identitysafe.norton.com

2. Run LiveUpdates until you get the message no more updates are available and restart the computer

3. Logout from the Norton Account from the Norton product main User Interface 

4. Login back into Norton Account on Norton product main interface and then try logging into Vault.

Mohanakrishnan G | Norton Forums Administrator | Symantec Corporation

Re: Norton Identity Safe with Firefox 40.0.3

While awaiting an answer to Mohan's questions above, could you both check and verify that you are in fact on N 360 version  This can be checked from Help/Support > About on the main  GUI of N 360.

I guess both of you also verified you do in fact have NTB 2015.5.2.24 shown in FF add-ons.

I am curious why millas received the update on 21 Sept when it was released per the announcement on August 18?



Re: Norton Identity Safe with Firefox 40.0.3

Firstly . . .Yank

I can confirm I am on N360 version and that the FF add on for the Norton Tool Bar is

I do apply the live updates manually - and only applied the specified update on 21st Sept.

Secondly . . . Mohan_G

Was able to use . . .  https://identitysafe.norton.com to log into my identity safe and have access to all my log-ons and passwords - which is a relief - although with this access they clearly do not work in conjunction with the FF browser and Norton Tool Bar which continues to show the Vault closed.

Followed your steps 2-3-4 with the same resulting time-out problem attempting to log in to the Vault.

Further notes - when I applied the updates on 21st Sept - as I noted above, I do this manually at irregular intervals and I recall there was a lengthy bundle of updates done at that time. The problem was only apparent after these updates and it could have been caused by any preceding update in that bundle - not necessarily the last one applied. Apologies if this muddies the water. Thanks for applying your insight to this problem.



Re: Norton Identity Safe with Firefox 40.0.3

Interestingly, when I went to double-check my FF version (which was 40.0.3 initially), it immediately downloaded and installed FF 41.0.

After that, Norton toolbar shows up as disabled due to compatibility problem with the new FF.  Odd that it should have actually stopped working *before* the new FF version installed.  And, yes, I can access the Identity Safe website w/o problems.  So I think I'll just have to wait for Norton to upgrade the toolbar.


Re: Norton Identity Safe with Firefox 40.0.3


Re: Norton Identity Safe with Firefox 40.0.3

Hi All,

Sorry for the issue you are facing.

We are currently working on this issue.

Can you please try the below workaround and check whether it solves the issue.

Reboot the machine once or twice and try to sign in Norton Account from Identity Safe UI.


Logout of Norton Account from Product Main UI and later launch Identity Safe UI and try to Login Norton Account.


Re: Norton Identity Safe with Firefox 40.0.3

viveksu - https://community.norton.com/en/comment/6671141#comment-6671141 Mohan already suggested that.

@ jcpratt20300:

It sounds like you have Tools > Options > Advanced Tab within FF set to Automatically install updates.  Do you have the Warn me check marked?

If you had selected the option to Check for Updates, but let me choose whether to install them - FF 41 would not have been installed.

@ millas:

Perhaps a list of the other updates that were installed at the same time may help us to narrow down which one may be the culprit. 

Also, it I possible to get the Local Vault back - please have a look at the following and see if you think it is worthwhile trying:



Re: Norton Identity Safe with Firefox 40.0.3

I posted earlier about this problem - (which was also happening on Chrome as well) and waited for the latest release of Firefox and Norton Tool Bar to coincide.

Initial Result was exactly the same for Firefox and Chrome - Identity Safe timed out and could not be used (see previous posts).

I then ran the Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool followed by a reinitialize of Firefox.

Now the Identity Safe works in Chrome and IE but on Firefox does not display the the Identity Safe on the Tool Bar - and the three button menu button is unresponsive (see attachment).

Also there is a warning message on Firefox that the Norton Extension is not verified (see attachment)

I now have Firefox 42.0 and Norton Identity Safe 2015.5.6

I could switch to Chrome - but Firefox is my preferred browser.

Any suggestions?

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