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Norton identity safe only works on SOME stored logins- not all

i recently switched back to firefox with the release of quantum.  most of the websites for which i have stored passwords work fine but there are some that do not get the pop up for me to click on to fill out the username and password field.

I am required to open the toolbar icon and then copy the uiser name and then the password from the vault.  this cannot be right.  What is wrong.

these logins do work on chrome

past two years have been very disappointing in terms of Norton ID safe



Re: Norton identity safe only works on SOME stored logins- not all

Its a problem with the new IDsafe extension as it also affects Edge and Chrome as they use the same extension. It started when version 3 of the extension was released and is still broke with version 5.  I went back to version 2 of the extension and that works fine. If you open the vault and click the 3 dots at bottom and then use Feedback to report each site that is broken and maybe Norton will fix the problem with the next release.


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