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Norton Identity Safe Standalone

I have used standalone Norton Identity Safe for ages and it has worked well mostly.  Recently, it will not let me log in.  It does not give me the option to open my Safe but asks me to log on to my Norton account.  However, it does not recognise my Norton account, although I can log into myaccount on the Norton website.

It is as if my Identity Safe and my Norton account have become disconnectd.

My os is W7 and I use IE11.



Re: Norton Identity Safe Standalone

Hello Patri70

Check if you are able to login to your vault via the Identity safe portal https://identitysafe.norton.com

Sign in with your Norton Account and vault password and post back results.

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Re: Norton Identity Safe Standalone

I'm having the same problem trying to configure a new vault.  I can login through the portal but then when it asks for the vault password, we don't have one yet so it tells me to use the ID safe client to set one up.  However, when we try to do that, it says the Norton account password is invalid.  Vicious circle.  We have Norton Internet Security installed as well (from a separate Norton account).  Multiple computer licence but computers do not want to use same vault (hence multiple Norton accounts).

Windows 8.1, IE 11.

I've been trying to create my own forum posting for this question but it keeps disappearing.  Not sure if it's a glitch of the new forum software or what.  Tells me it's posted but I can't see it or find it.

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