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Norton Identity Safe Standalone 2013 product update

Update 28 Jan 2013: Versions have been changed to reflect the latest update. This update addresses recent compatibility issues with Firefox 18. Please see the announcement for details.

We have released an update to the 2013 Identity Safe standalone product, which updates to version 2013.2.4.2. For now, we are only updating the standalone product. There will be an update for Norton Internet Security and Norton 360 users of Identity Safe shortly.

This update can be manually downloaded by Clicking on "About Norton Identity Safe" in the Norton toolbar and then clicking on "Check for new updates". Otherwise you will automatically get the update in the background via LiveUpdate. Either way, a reboot will be required to complete the update. After the update is complete, About Norton Identity Safe will show version 2013.2.4.2.

Today's release contains many fixes. The main areas of change can be summarized as follows:

-The Share Via feature can now be turned on or off

- Stability fixes in the following areas

  • Vault Corruption
  • Unintended logouts from Norton Account and Online Vault
  • Toolbar hangs

- We updated our flows to make it less likely that a user would reset their online vault unless absolutely necessary

- Contains updates for Firefox 18 compatibility. FF18 is due to be released on 1/8

Thanks for your patience as we worked to address the issues previously reported against the previous release. We believe this release should go a long way towards delivering the functionality and quality that our customers expect and deserve. Please keep the feedback coming.

Tony Weiss | Norton Forums Global Community Manager | Symantec Corporation