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Norton Internet Security Deluxe VS Norton 360 (New version)

I read a few things about Norton 360 having a few more features than Norton Internet Security Deluxe that really are appealing to me. Yet, I read these features are only available in the USA, at the moment? (The post I read was from March 2019)

I have a pop up saying a free "Upgrade" to Norton 360. Are all features available in other countries yet? Are these features from Lifelock or are they in the base program features? The features are things like VPN, Dark web scan and webcam protection etc.

I am having trouble deciding, can anyone give me a direction of which is better (Without added costs) Lifelock is really good, however, I don't want to pay extra for it right now.

Which is better without having to buy Lifelock?



Re: Norton Internet Security Deluxe VS Norton 360 (New version)

I believe the features that were not available are the Lifelock services. Those are only available to US residents at this time. Probably has to do with the verification info required. SSN is a US only system, and for the service to be available in other countries, LifeLock has to be able to interact with government systems in the country the service would be offered.

All the security features of the 360 product do work outside the US. Including the dark web scan if you want that.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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