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Is Norton Internet Security Licence Key now 15 digit?

Please I recently bought and installed a "Norton Internet Security" and I had to use a 15 digit Licence Key instead of the usual 25 keys. Has Norton made changes in this regard? This is the email address that confirmed my Norton install: norton@complete360.co.za. Is this the real Norton?



Re: Is Norton Internet Security Licence Key now 15 digit?

Hi Dibeto_Onuoha,

The Product Key is still a 25 digits and the email you received doesn't sound from Norton: please see this KB Article "Is this email that I received from Norton legitimate?"

I don't know if Customers Support can be of any help, but you could try contacting them and see what they tell you. You can use this link: www.norton.com/chat 

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Re: Is Norton Internet Security Licence Key now 15 digit?


I did a Google on    and this is the result:

Mobile Security - Login


Login. Please fill out the following form with your login credentials: Fields with * are required. Username *. Password *. Remember me next time.

I had a look at the complete360 page that the URL there takes me to is definitely not Norton.

I'm wary of anything that asks me to fill in my password on a third party form.

Here's a link to Norton ZA http://za.norton.com/360/ and you will see it's totally different and in fact tells you that Norton 360 has been retired and is replaced by Norton Security with Backup.

Definitely contact the Norton OnLine Support team via the CHAT route which uses your computer keyboard not your phone. You should find that it will detect your region and direct you to the localized support team.


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