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Norton No Longer On Disk?

I just purchased Norton Security (in a box @ Staples), but found it only contains a debit-like card, and I assume that I'll have to download the software to each computer (was producing a disk really that expensive?). Well, I still need to protect a computer that is not connected to the web via DSL. It is still using dial-up to maintain several EarthLink websites not available by DSL. How can I transfer the software to this without spending hours on-line via dial-up?

Is there a utility, such as the Norton Intelligent Updater that I use to update the definitions to the other computer via USB drive?

Can a disk be ordered from Norton?




Re: Norton No Longer On Disk?

Hi swvagts, Welcome to Norton Community!

Recently there are many retailers that sell Norton products where the box contains only the product key, so they would have a greater profit.
For your case, you can download NS or NSWB 30 days trial from a computer that is connected to broadband such as ADSL and save the installer on a USB driver.

AFAIK, Norton Intelligent Updater is not available for NS and NSWB, but the size of its Virus Definitions are much smaller, about 65 MB compared to the 400+ that are required for NIS/NAV/N360.

I hope this helps.


Re: Norton No Longer On Disk?

Disks are becoming rarer simply because it's going to be very out of date, depending on when you buy it.

As Sandro says, the best way is to download from Norton, and it will be the latest version, and will require much less updating.

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