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Norton not doing scans

I have an alienware alpha that I got back in april and I installed Norton through comcast which I have. I was going to do a full system scan because I haven't done one yet on my computer. When I clicked it it ran everything perfect except for the scan. When I try to do a quick scan norton does not show any signs of starting it at all.

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Re: Norton not doing scans

Hi, and welcome to the forums. What is your operating system ?

If Windows 8, it needs to be fully shut down for Norton to operate correctly.

Also Fast Start should be disabled for the same reason.

Windows 10 Home X 64 Norton Security Premium Current

Re: Norton not doing scans

Hello 55a

Please see this KB for some support for this issue.



Success always occurs in private and failure in full view. Windows 7 Pro 64 bit Norton Core Security Plus Core Firmware 282 I E 11 Chrome latest version.

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