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This forum thread needs a solution.

Norton not helping

After many, many years of using Norton, I'm very disappointed in product and service.

I'm having trouble with redirect apps that keep showing up, such as r.srvtrck.com and others called traffectnet and gottraffic. Maybe I'm doing something wrong to give them access, but I still think Norton should stop them.

What I'm also POed about, I called support (#38514390) and the guy read his script, I gave him access to my PC, ran the help app (which I already did) that found nothing. Then he told me he would have to escalate the call to a specialist and they would call me back in 10-15 minutes, I'm still waiting...(a day or two ago).

BTW, I saw a couple free Norton type apps that specifically said they take care of r.srvtrck type intruders, so why have I been paying Norton for all these years?



Re: Norton not helping

Hello Key West Bob. FYI, r.srvtrck.com will begin appearing on systems most times due to user installed crapware/freeware/bundled junk. Usually after the fact due to the bundled suite already having been given system install access. The best solution is downloading and running a full system scan with Malwarebytes. The sort of redirects you are seeing is discussed here for an example reference ONLY. DO NOT download any of the tools in the article as they are user specific for the person being helped.


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Re: Norton not helping

so why have I been paying Norton for all these years?

It looks like you have picked up a PUP, a Possibly Unwanted Program. While they are annoying, they do not cause damage to your system. Some people actually want the 'Features' offered by these programs. They are usually downloaded alongside a legitimate download when you do not uncheck the option for the additional download.

Norton products concentrate on malware that can damage your system, that is why some PUPs are not detected by Norton.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.