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Norton Online Backup

   having an issue with my online backup. I just spent an hour on the phone with tech support, and I must admit they gave me the most incredible answer as to what my problem was.

   My Norton Internet Security gave me a message that there was a problem with my computer, and I needed to download Norton Power Eraser, install and run it. I did so, and the result was the hard disc would no longer boot. I tried every recovery program I know of, and it still wouldn't boot; even tried a repair installation of Windows XP. So I finally gave up, reformatted and reinstalled Windows XP.

  After reinstalling and restoring files from a local backup and Norton Online Backup, I reinstalled NOB on my computer. It now shows two of the same computer, so I tried to purge the old one, and after several tries, I continue to get a message "Purge Failed."  Also, I have a 25 GB account, and the numbers don't add up - One computer is 6.19 GB, another is nearly 1 GB, the one I'm trying to purge is 9 GB, and the last has 130 MB. Online backup is showing that totals 24.75 GB; which is a bit more than the 16-17 Gb I estimate.

  I talked to customer suuport both online and today on the phone. Their answer.....they told me that because I successfully purged files on another computer today, it was preventing me from purging files from the other computer last week!   I tried to explain how absurd that was, but the agent repeated that was the problem, and hung up.

   Is there anything I can do? My goal for calling tech support was to see if my entire account could be purged, and I start from scratch; but they told me that the software somehow knew last week that I was going to purge from another computer today, making it impossible. I would like to use this software, but am no longer able to; and tech support is obviously not interested in assisting me.



Re: Norton Online Backup

 One more thing.....I tried purging files from the duplicate computer listed in my last post, and it has been purging 963 MB for 7 hours. What is the approximate time frame for this operation to complete?

Accepted Solution
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Re: Norton Online Backup

Hi Craig

First go into the settings for the old Computer and change its name so you can easily tell between the two. All you need to do is add a character or anything of your choosing.

Once done click on Remove Computer on the main screen. Select the computer to remove and it will then purge it. Since you're removing the whole, old, computer there is no reason to use the other purge feature. That was more intended to purge individual files and not an entire set at once. The job is likely timing out due to its size.

Once that old Computer is gone it will re-calculate the quota. If it still appears off shoot me a private message along with your email address and request to check the quota. Don't post it to the forums though please.

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