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Norton Online backup constant annoying notifications

I have tried the trial for Norton Online backup and decided I do not wish to purchase it tho I have purchased the anti virus backup after the trial ended which is running.

My problem is I keep getting uninvited annoying and system slowing notifications from Norton bugging me to buy what I do not want and telling me what I obviously know. I know the online backup trial ended. It ended weeks ago, yet I continue to be harrased by these unprompted messages. Please stop it Norton. These uninvited pop ups are not welcome.

I also get scans happening which have slowed my system down considerably(I never know if they are running or not. how do I enable the scans to work when I want them to...ie when I go to bed. Can I leave the scan going and when finished have it switch off my laptop?).

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Re: Norton Online backup constant annoying notifications

Hello procyon,

Please contact support to obtain assistance with both issues. It's difficult to try to determine the source of the notifications without additional information. Some of the needed details include account information and possibly a remote login. For your information security though please don't post account details in the forum. They should also be able to assist you in altering Norton Anti Virus' settings.



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