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Norton Online Backup Issue

The last week or so the Online Backup hangs.  It sometimes does not start, sometimes hangs at 99%, sometimes completes but does not shutdown the computer.

[edit: Clarified subject.]



Re: Norton Online Backup Issue

Hello HartmannR

Based on what you're describing it'd be best if you reach out to support. They will need to perform a remote desktop session to help diagnose the issue. You can reach them by going to:


Make sure they do not uninstall and reinstall Norton Online Backup or your data sets unless that is something you wish to do. If you remove NOBU end points from the web you will no longer be able to access that data.

If you cannot get it resolved via Tier 1 let me know and we'll arrange alternative troubleshooting.


Re: Norton Online Backup Issue


this is interesting

this would suggest I would not be able to access one of my backup's if i do a windows rebuild

from time to time people like to uninstall and reinstall for a range of reasons not related to NOBU

i can think of a range of circumtances that might apply

It would be good to understand this better



Re: Norton Online Backup Issue

Most of the time system hangs due to connectivity of  internet. So when ever you get this type of problem you need to see your internet speed and connectivity, simple way to resolve this issue is just close all open window and proper restart your system.

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Re: Norton Online Backup Issue

Although both are good points I still strongly suggest you let Support diagnose before taking any other steps. It may be something simple causing the problem. That won't be evident though till a remote support session is performed.

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