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Norton Online Backup not working

I have a new subscription for 57GB of Online Backup. It will not work.

I spent a long time talking online to your people yesterday, including through allowing remote access to my PC, but they were unable to tell me why, even after escalating the problem. I have not received any update. They did do a test of a new document which is backing up but nothing else is.

I am very concerned that I have paid $210 for something that does not work. Can you please tell me what else is being done to resolve my problem. I was given an email address but it does not work.

I remember the name of one of the staff (both of whom were very helpful, I might add) and can supply if I am given the correct email address.

Please let me know what is being done for me.


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Re: Norton Online Backup not working

Hello babyboomer

The forums are generally for issues not currently in escalation or requiring immediate handling. The symptoms you've described can be caused by a multitude of things. It's like trying to fix a knock in your cars engine. Without further details it will prove difficult to properly help you out. If you can provide additional details, without providing specific personal details, I may be able to assist.

If you prefer you can send me your account login details and current ticket number via private message. I can then take a look at what's been done to date. Note however there may be a delay in response though.


Re: Norton Online Backup not working

Thank you Wesley. I appreciate the point you make but I felt I had exhausted all other possibilities (won't go into all details of frustrated attempts to get your virtual assistant to understand me!)  and that there might have been a general issue, as one of the people who had been trying to help me the previous day said that he was sure there was nothing wrong on my computer and it must have been at your end (he mentioned server maintenance the day before). Anyway when I saw that another poster had said that his/her backup had started working, I tried again and it started up. Upload seems to be very slow for the first backup even though I purchased more high speed upload from my ISP to avoid shaping, but at least something is happening. Thank you again.

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Re: Norton Online Backup not working

I've checked and there hasn't been any maintenance cycles the last three days. It's sounding more like there was a connectivity issue somewhere along the line. Since it has cleared up now though it will prove difficult to verify if it were the case.

As for the speed of the upload - most consumer Internet connections are always rated 3/4th higher for download than upload. A blazing 14 mps download rate generally will have, if lucky, a 1mps upload. That's one of the areas ISPs can save on bandwidth. You'd have ot find out what your rated upload and download speeds truly are and then its a matter of if you will actually get those advertised speeds. Generally you'll get actually 75% of that advertised connection speed by the time you take other factors into play.

The good thing is once that first backup completes going forward it will only send changes and new files. That reduces the time the backups take significantly. If you have a large amount of data to start with you can always segment the data based on the different categories. It may take a little longer file selection wise but it would reduce the amount of time the computer would be tied up running the backups each night.

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