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Norton Online Backup problems

Hi there,

I have Norton 360 2013 edition installed on Windows 8 Pro RTM.

A few weeks ago I did a big backup - 22GB worth of data - and while that occured, at night I would press Ctrl/Alt/Del to lock my computer, wake up the next morning and be presented with a screen asking for my password to unlock. The backup was still in progress.

I did a smaller backup which I left to complete overnight (which I presume it did) - and again pressed Ctrl/Alt/Del to lock my computer. The next morning I lift my laptop screen up and was presented with a black screen, with the usual power lights still on. So I powered off my laptop, turned it back on - and was told that my Norton 360 product - previously activated - needed activation. So I activated that again - just by pressing active now and it did the rest. My Norton Online Backup 25GB space also needed activation, so I did that, in which it detected my account email and asked me to input my password to complete the activation. It did active, and no data previously backedup was lost.

Again last night I did a smaller backup, which I presume completed, and again this morning I was presented with the black screen. Power off/power on laptop, and again Norton 360, as well as my online backup space, was deactivated. Again I reactivated it as per what I described in the previous paragraph.

Both times the box was unticked to 'shut down computer when backup completes'.

I wonder if there is a bug that, if a backup is left to complete overnight, and it does - after quite some time (say maybe 5 or 6 hours, but in my case more than that), when I try to unlock my computer I cannot. I power off then power on, somehow my Norton product becomes deactivated and I'm asked to reactivate both Norton 360 AND my online backup space (both needing to be activated seperately).

Not sure if this occurs on Windows 7, and that it simply a problem with Windows 8 that needs addressing, or what. I'm a bit limited with support on Windows 8 as it is publically not released, yet Microsoft release the RTM version to those eligible for access to TechNet and Dreamspark (onthehub).

Many thanks,




Re: Norton Online Backup problems

Hello Stevie,

There is likely an issue either with the product key in use or the subscription. Once the product is activated I've never seen it de-activate itself in such a manner. Please reach out to support via http://www.norton.com/chat and have them make sure there aren't any subscription issues. Secondary ensure power management isn't sticking the system in sleep or hibernation when you lock the system. That will cause issues with the backup regardless.

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