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Norton Password Manager and VIP tokens

Greetings, all! 

So, I realize that this would be more of an enhancement request than anything; but, why is Norton Password Manager still not able to integrate the VIP Access security token? 

For example, let's say that I want to go to an online securities brokerage and log in to my account, which has TFA enabled, and uses my VIP Access token for that purpose. 

Norton Password Manager jumps in and says, "Yo! Want me to enter your credentials for you?" and gets the go-ahead from me. 

Now, I need to switch over to the VIP Access app, and copy the token from there, switch back, and paste it into my password field. 

Why not a flag, in NPM, which sets NPM to also fetch the token from VIP and append it to the password?

Or even one that prompts for the security code from the token, when browsing on the desktop, so that you can enter the token, it's automagically added to the string that NPM fills to the password field, and you're in. Also, that way NPM would stop asking me if I want to change update my password every time that I log in to that site. 



Re: Norton Password Manager and VIP tokens

Hi fourgotten,

Thanks for your valuable feedback.


Re: Norton Password Manager and VIP tokens

The idea of 2FA asking for a code is to ensure that it is really you trying to access a site/account. If it could be automated, then anyone that gained access to your device could theoretically also gain access to your account.

This is similar to the CCV number on the back of your credit card. Norton stopped storing that info for auto filling for the same security reasons.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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