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Norton Password Manager Dashboard Feedback (Suggestions)

Just now my Password Manager Dashboard greeted me with a huge number of passwords that it feels need to be updated, headed by my bank account. Therefore some suggestions:

1) Now, my bank account does not only have a password, but also the user id is basically another password. It would be grand if a) Norton could recognise that or, more easily done, b) if there were a place where you could checkmark that / tell the program to look at the combo as a password.

2) Obviously there are some passwords one cannot change, again the bank account being an apt example. Maybe there could be some way of telling Norton to get off my back, because I cannot do anything about it?

3) That latter would also help in the case of completely inconsequential passwords, such as doodle if one does not save anyone else's address there. It would probably need a definition of "inconsequential", but it could be done? Or maybe one could give sites different priorities, so that the "doodle sans addresses" could be updated less frequently?

4) Mirror-Sites: The Dashboard finally complains when two sites have the same password. However, this is impossible to avoid when it is basically a mirror site I am using, as in a different gate through which I access the same account (such as the .at and the .de version of a shop, or sofortbanking.at, which allows me to pay a shop directly from one of my bank accounts without any monkey business).

You see, I find myself getting rather defiant because I get bothered about so many sites that either do not need a renewed password every so many months or that I can do zilch about. It is bothersome to be greeted by a panicking Norton Password Manager, and the psychologically logical reaction is neglecting it. And that would diminish the use of an otherwise super useful tool.

I really hope something can be done about all this.



Re: Norton Password Manager Dashboard Feedback (Suggestions)

You can always just ignore the dashboard and not open it. If you are comfortable with your current use of the passwords you have, just keep going as you have. The dashboard feature is aimed more at those that may not realize the need to change passwords often, or use complex passwords, or not use duplicate passwords. 

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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