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Norton Password Manager stopped working in Firefox v.69

Recently, my Norton Password Manager extension stopped working on Firefox version 69. Firefox has just updated to version 69.0.1, but the Norton Password Manager still does not work. The Norton extension is "Enabled" on my Firefox installation, so ought to work.

I use Windows 7 Professional operating system.

I tried removing and re-installing this Norton extension, but this did not solve the problem, which is as follows:

The Norton Password Manager icon shows on the top of the Firefox page. When the icon is clicked a box appears under it containing a swirling pattern. The box rapidly disappears and nothing else happens. When working properly, this box should change to a box with a panel to enter the log-in password. As this log-on box no longer appears, I cannot enter my password to start Norton Password Manager.

I contacted Norton and a technician investigated my computer by connecting to it remotely (Norton reference ########). He was unable to solve the problem, but showed that the Password Manager did work in Internet Explorer browser. So, the problem might perhaps be that a very recent update from Firefox or Norton (or both) has made them incompatible with each other.

This is a major problem to me. If it cannot be solved, I will reluctantly have to return to using Internet Explorer, even though I prefer Firefox. Has anybody else had this problem and been able to solve it?

Thank you for your attention.

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Re: Norton Password Manager stopped working in Firefox v.69

Update from AlanR:

After contacting Norton again, another technician remotely accessed my computer and concluded there was something wrong with my installed Firefox browser. The remedy was as follows:

1. Uninstall Norton Password Manager add-on.

2. In Firefox, go to Help - Troubleshooting Information - Give Firefox a tune up / Refresh Firefox. Click Refresh Firefox "button" and let it run.

3. Re-install Norton Password Manager and enable it in Firefox.

After this, everything worked well - in fact my Firefox browser seemed a lot faster. All of my log-ins were retained in Norton Password Manager. Most of my add-ons were retained in Firefox after refreshing, but not one. I use Trusteer Rapport security add-on, which disappeared. But a little while later an alert appeared by an icon on the top ribbon on Firefox and clicking this opened a window to enable the missing Trusteer Raport add-on to return (by magic, as far as I'm concerned).

Great service from Norton - very grateful.

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