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Norton Password Manager Upate Issues

Please...PLEASE!!! bring back the swipe feature! Without that feature, signing in is no longer convenient AND it creates less security integrity. Here's how... Before, all it took was a simple swipe and in addition to that option we were able to choose which logins are to be used automatically. The swipe feature used saved login data to automatically go to the save site and automatically populate the data fields with the save username and password info data. Now, following the last couple of updates, the only way it automatically signs, if you type the specific and FULL site! Most of these sites are too long and use special characters. Again, the swipe feature automatically populated everything, that's saved for you. Since the last couple of updates, it no longer does this. It's a security risk because each time signing into the specific saved logins, exposes you info to prying eyes. If this cannot be fixed, we should have the option of reverting back to the swipe feature. That feature should be added as an optional feature, if anything, instead ofbeing taken away.



Re: Norton Password Manager Upate Issues

What device and OS version are you using?

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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