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Norton password manager & vault password inconsistency

I'm using the latest version of Norton 360 and browser extensions on various platforms across 4 devices. My problem is limited to a Laptop running the latest update of windows 10. It works fine on my desktop also running windows 10.

Steps to recreate :

Launch Norton 360 app from system tray in notification area.

Select "Internet Security" tab and click down arrow to see "Password Manager" icon.

Click "Password Manager" icon.

Password manager pop up is displayed and tells me my vault is closed and prompts me to enter vault password.

Enter correct password (see later) but "Vault closed & Enter Vault Password" pop-up is redisplayed. The implication being I have entered the wrong password. Click show password hint does nothing and shows no hint.

Bottom line – I can’t login to my vault directly from Password Manager in the app.

Return to the app and click My Norton Tab to launch My Norton.

Click Password Manager Open Vault button in My Norton. This launches new tab in Firefox and asks me for my vault password. Enter same password and vault opens fine! So I am using the right password!

Bottom line – I can access my password manager fine from a (Firefox) browser. It also works if I launch the firefox browser extension icon.

Is this normal behaviour? Should I live with it? Can I fix it? Your views/ideas?



Re: Norton password manager & vault password inconsistency

I have to uninstall and reinstall the Password Manager App just about daily because, when you click the app icon the "Open Vault" box appears, when you click it, it disappears and the app appears to try to open the page where you enter the password (never gets there) and disappears.

If I uninstall and reinstall it, it will work for about another 24 hrs...

I decline the "Mobile verification" because it's a pain in the ass.  But the fact that I did apparently prejudices your software against me through some glitch...


Re: Norton password manager & vault password inconsistency

I am having the same problem on my desktop running the latest windows 10.  I can access the password vault on my android phone as well as my ipad.  I have called Norton twice and each time they attempt to fix via direct access to my computer but to no avail.  They instructed me both times to try it after an hour or so once the lockout period has expired.  I guess I am in the same boat.

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